SproutCore Consulting

SproutCore is a massive set of frameworks, and is a fundamentally different (better!) way of writing JavaScript. There’s no better way to write high-quality, native-caliber applications on the web, but the learning curve can be steep. Having an expert on your team from the beginning will dramatically accelerate your team’s learning curve and development momentum, saving you time and money.

I provide development, architecting, training, and team-building services. I’ve worked on large and small teams, including the team behind read.kobo.com and Calthorpe Associate’s UrbanFootprint team. I have experience working with novice SproutCore developers, focusing on rapidly building them into successful, independent teams – my goal is that you should not need me as quickly as possible. And as a core team member, I can rapidly address issues and core feature requests that your project might hinge on.

If you’re looking to invest in a rich, robust SproutCore web application, or if you’re not sure if SproutCore is right for your project, I’d love to talk. You can contact me at dcporter@gmail.com.